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LUYG – Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Tutorial #6 – Advanced 2/2

The final episode in our Tekken Tag Tournament 2 tutorial series with Namco Bandai Games this is Tutorial #6 – Advanced 2/2! In this episode we cover stuns, frame data, finding safe ways to tag out and dealing with solo mode. Check out the full playlist of all the tutorials from 1 to 6 in this playlist. Our tutorials dont end here though, we have many more Morning Bread & Butter tutorials coming to youtube in the near future. Be sure to subscribe to us on youtube and follow our twitch.tv channel as well to stay updated whenever we put out new content.





7 responses to “LUYG – Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Tutorial #6 – Advanced 2/2”

  1. Salv000

    Wonderful, maybe I should start focusing more on frames for my offence so I can finally figure out how to keep a flow. Really want to master Lee and Kunimitsu.

  2. oberaman75

    @LevelUpYourGame my eyes are just not fast enough to see if my opponent is throwing using 1+3, 2+4 or 1+2 to counter throw #TTT2

    1. LevelUpYourGame

      @oberaman75 practice makes perfect – http://t.co/PRk5KS0S

      1. oberaman75

        @LevelUpYourGame aye aye, captain!

  3. John kazama

    Hey Rip! How can I keep my 2nd character in after a tag?

  4. ketlord

    keep up

  5. Jizzmoon

    Rip, at the Frame Data part Bob said ”idont know any frame date i just play the game you dont have to learn that”
    you shouldve have replied saying that Bob has played the game so much and has the experience, and that he knows now what is punishable and  how he can punish it, so he technically does know Frame Data just not the exact numbers on everything.
    Cause what you get now is that when a new player sees this and hears that, they’ll think hey I dont even HAVE to know this Frame Data thing? lol alright then, cause lets be honest who does actually wanna learn that stuff, but you do have to know how it works to learn it faster if you’re not go through some numbers.
    And then they basically are gonna learn it hard and long way, and probably at a point where they might have stopped caring about the game.
    Just saying.
    p.s i really hated typing that much.