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Morning Bread & Butter – TTT2 – Lars

In this episode of our morning tutorial series for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 we cover Lars Alexandersson! Be sure to follow the twitch channel to be notified when we go live with TTT2, whether it be tutorials or just online play:





5 responses to “Morning Bread & Butter – TTT2 – Lars”

  1. David M

    Hey, guys! Thank you for the Bread & Butter tutorial with Lars.
    I started to get serious with him since TTT2 is out, so this tut comes really handy.
    Are you going to make one for Jin soon? I mean it would be of help for my main Lars/Jin team.

  2. Guillermo Arroyo

    any one playing with lars is a fag

  3. Darshawn White

    I must be a fag because I love Lars 😛

  4. QuikStiks

    @LevelUpYourGame show me dat Lee Lee Lee Lee styleeee!!!

  5. Ace Oraiz

    Good day LUYG 😀
    @MYK do you have a any video of match in TTT2 using lars? I would like to see how you play lars…