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TTT2 Tagging “Bug”

While not really a bug or glitch, not even sure what to categorize this as … camera trick?

either way, as you can see from the vid, you cannot tag your partner in until they are fully off the screen. I’m sure there are other situations similar to this, but I found this by accident. When tagging Lili out, you can see that she runs into the background before she jumps out, during this time, I am mashing the tag button and nothing happens. Even doing a generic tag assault, she does not come in until she is off the screen. While not really useful, it looks kinda funny







One response to “TTT2 Tagging “Bug””

  1. MaRayearth

    This only proves this game is done properly and with the right camera angle, you can see the character tagging out running out and jumping off camera. Unlike other games such as DOA5 where characters disappear after tagging out even if they’re still on camera.