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eTokki Omni – Korean Stick – Review

In the market for a Korean stick? The eTokki Omni is the high end for anyone looking for a korean stick. If you’ve watched me streaming TTT2 the past month you know that I’ve been using this stick a ton. In this review I go over the Omni inside and out as I’m joined by Cynnik to help break down the internals and explain the difference between Japanese/Korean sticks. This is version 3 of the Omni stick, and with it come many new additions, so even if you’ve seen an Omni review before, this review is on the most current version. The initial review went a bit long so I’ve split some sections into their own videos available AFTER THE JUMP:






5 responses to “eTokki Omni – Korean Stick – Review”

  1. Jose R Penuela

    Im ordering mine now.

  2. LevelUpYourGame

    @alabbadi88 Ill follow up, but I assume they have preorders up?

  3. reepal

    @Based5GG @LevelUpYourGame only ship out of Korea

  4. LevelUpYourGame

    Update regarding availability: The RELEASE DATE of the next batch should come soon after New Years

  5. Jose R Penuela