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Morning Bread & Butter – TTT2 – Alisa Bosconovitch

In this TTT2 tutorial we cover Alisa Bosconovitch. This was actually one of the first Morning Bread & Butter’s we recorded (possibly the first one with TRUE! back) but somehow it got lost in the shuffle and was stuck in the twitch archives. So be sure to head on over to the twitch channel incase we missed anything else! Check it out below:






5 responses to “Morning Bread & Butter – TTT2 – Alisa Bosconovitch”

  1. Andrew Cook

    THANK YOU! I was wondering where this was

  2. Brandon Wallace

    what happened to the lee one you did on your broadcast

  3. LevelUpYourGame

    All of the videos are in the twitch.tv archives before (and after) we bring them over to youtube

  4. Cristiano Martins

    actually you can do her u/f32 (or u/f31 can’t remember) as a TA fille when partned with larsr… if you do that you can actually finish the juggle with ff2~f DE 1 (I think the notation is right) and you get 100 and something damage of lars u/f4 I think

  5. Damajer

    the third hit of 233 is a CH launcher now and the whole string is a NCC so its a great counter hit tool.
    Also alisas db3 used to leave alot more space between the two characters on block (pushback?) so WS punishers used to whiff alot in T6