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Injustice Demo – Enable Street Fighter Style Inputs

Looks like NetherRealms left a debug menu in the PSN build of Injustice. Not sure what other options are available, but here is how you enable Street Fighter style inputs. This will change the input requirements for certain moves. So moves that were d,f,LP will now be qcf+LP and moves that were previously b,f,LP will now be hcf+LP. Check out the video below and hit the jump for full details of how to enable it:

PSN ONLY, 360 doesn’t have the BUG_ME option/menu

Hit TRIANGLE to bring up the Options Menu
Hit X on “Bug_Me 1”
Tap Up 3 times
Tap Left or Right
Tap Down
Hit X
It will ask you to overwrite the settings, hit X
Then hit CIRCLE to exit

Its now enabled. Repeat the steps to set it back to MK style inputs.





4 responses to “Injustice Demo – Enable Street Fighter Style Inputs”

  1. chantr1x

    Does it work on the xbox?

  2. reepal

    Nope, Playstation only, I tested it. Xbox doesn’t even have the option there. Its been noted before that the Xbox demo is a more recent version of the game as well.

  3. JuCi2781

    reepal LevelUpYourGame Does it make it easier to do the inputs? im a tekken playing trying to get into this games style

    1. reepal

      JuCi2781 if youre getting accidental specials this will help a ton