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Morning Bread & Butter – TTT2 – Steve Fox

We’re back with another Morning Bread & Butter tutorial for TTT2. This time we cover one of MYK’s all time favorite characters, Steve Fox. This episode goes a bit long – just about an hour and a half – as MYK has a lot to talk about, so grab some food and snuggle into your work chair / bed / wherever it is you’re watching this from. As always, be sure to follow the youtube and twitch channels.





5 responses to “Morning Bread & Butter – TTT2 – Steve Fox”

  1. Christopher John L. Yungco

    steve fox=wesker

  2. James Chef Da Silva

    No Lili!

  3. Thank you for sharing your stuff on website

  4. Oni Oyabun

    F Yeah..!! 😀

  5. JimQuin

    Should have had MYK host so we could see damage output