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Renikon Interviews TTT2 Legend – JDCR

JDCR has been to the USA three times in the past year, and has won every event he has come to, MLG Dallas 2012, Final Round and now ECT. Renikon has an impromptu interview with him during his latest visit. Check it out if you’re interested in hearing one of the world’s best Tekken players opinions on the game.





One response to “Renikon Interviews TTT2 Legend – JDCR”

  1. James Winters Jr.

    this man speaks the truth i may not be the best tekken player but i am O.G and the scene in usa is only less exciting due to lack of arcade but when you have players from other countries mainly Korea come and win every tourney convincingly with no random wins the game is def not random at high level and mind games are def at all time high.. Tekken is good for the brain