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Rich “FilthieRich” Bantegui Announces His Departure from Namco Bandai Games

Today on Facebook, Rich “FilthieRich” Bantegui announced his departure from Namco Bandai. Rich has been the Community Manager since just after the MLG 2010 season for Tekken 6 came to an end and has basically been with Namco through the development and release of TTT2. It was definitely nice having someone from within the fighting game community be represented within the corporate walls of Namco Bandai and Rich has left some big shoes to be filled.

Here is his announcement in its entirety (very well written and I think everyone involved in their gaming community should read it):

I’m posting to announce that today Friday May 31st, will be my last day at NAMCO BANDAI Games.

It’s been such an amazing 3 years learning, building, interacting and playing with all of you. I am having a lot of difficulty writing this message because there are so many thoughts and memories that come to mind as I summarize my time at NAMCO BANDAI. I will definitely miss my time here as I move on…

I was never given a “how to be a community manager” manual when I joined my team, but with the support of my peers and the community, we’ve painted this beautiful picture telling the world about the importance of the community. I am forever in debt to my peers and all of you for this amazing opportunity, and would like to thank you all.

Although this chapter of my career here has come to an end, I will always be a NAMCO BANDAI Games fan. This is simply the beginning of a new story in my life, and I promise that you will still hear of the crazy antics of “filthierich” in the world of gaming.

My love for games has brought me through this amazing journey, and with enough determination and passion, it can happen to you too. Our communities are strong, intelligent, and most of all passionate. We should continue to inspire each other, and never let the fun side of things wash away.

The next generation of gamers rest in our hands. Together we must grow our family, build and let passion, kindness and creativity drive us.

Rest assured there will be a new community manager that will come in to give all of you the latest news about your favorite NAMCO BANDAI games. In the meantime, please visit facebook.com/NamcoBandai and twitter.com/NAMCOGames pages for updates on your favorite games.

I hope all of you will extend your support to the next community manager as you have to me.

– Rich “FilthieRich” Bantegui


3 responses to “Rich “FilthieRich” Bantegui Announces His Departure from Namco Bandai Games”

  1. korly

    Rich is going to be sorely missed.  You know who would make a great successor?  RIP.

    1. reepal

      @korly Thx for the shoutout, but I feel like you’re only saying that because you won an arcade stick from me before!

      1. korly

        @reepal but I woulodn’t have won that arcade stick if I hadn’t already been following LUYG for making me better at Tekken 6!