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Tekken Revolution New Trailer

Official new trailer for Tekken Revolution! Shows a new gameplay mechanic as well as stats that can be leveled up per character. The new gameplay looks like an invincible launcher/crush system addition. Looks very promising, what do you guys think?





11 responses to “Tekken Revolution New Trailer”

  1. Brandon Huber

    Let’s just hope it’s still fundamentally Tekken.

  2. Domenic Tedeschi

    What the hell no xiaoyu?? Who am I suppose to play D:

  3. Oscar Puebla


  4. Nigel Woodall

    What the hell no Eddy?? Who am I supposed to pay 😉

  5. Carlos Arvelo

    What the hell Steve! I’m in there, and I don’t have to deal with Eddy, or Xiaoyu #Winning

  6. イクバル アマル

    Well I got my Main Alisa 😛 so im pretty much sorted 😉

  7. Ryan Johnson

    i think they are using this to test out on some features for the Tekken X Street Fighter game….

  8. LevelUpYourGame

    Definitely looks like the new mechanic is some kind of invincible crush launcher, going to be interesting. No one knows if TxSF is even in development still, but hopefully we hear something about it at E3 if it is.

  9. Ryan Johnson

    exactly but i wonder if they will make the controls easier for SF fans. I see what you mean by the lancher but i don’t know if it’s invincible but i know it’s quick

  10. ZsoltJenei

    The effort is quite commendable, considering they had to work for this and still it’s free. I think the ultimate goal is to make the Tekken franchise (characters gamestyle) more popular among the casual crowd. Speaking of witch Killer Instinct just got announced……i don’t know why but it has more hype than Tekken had and i just bet the corporate greed will turn that into shit….I really hope not.

    1. zzxzzNWOzzxzz

      @ZsoltJenei Tekken Revolution is bringing in more new players; I like the fact that Killer Instinct is coming back…But I seriously doubt its got more hype than Tekken its just a announcement ; more hype might be more like more worry that they don’t f*** it up.