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Injustice – Zod Fight Trailer

Over at the official Injustice youtube channel there is a new video up showing off Zod’s abilities in a fight with Superman. Zod’s trait looks particularly cheap as it follows you around until he wants to use it, and once it attacks you, he can get a free combo into a b+3. It’s also worth mentioning that the Superman skin featured is the new Man of Steel version which will be available for $0.99 the same time as Zod’s release.





3 responses to “Injustice – Zod Fight Trailer”

  1. Jonathan Isler

    Kneel BEFORE ZOD ! ! ! ! !

  2. Greg Daily

    This is the first character trailer that has made me want to play this game and I don’t even care about Zod.

  3. James Chef Da Silva

    Zod original bad mans who may also be a bit gay, why all the kneeking in front of him? But erm yes zod looking banging.