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Injustice 1.0.5 Patch Notes

Over at the official Injustice site NetherRealms has put up the official patch notes for v1.0.5 which was released earlier today. It looks like they balanced a lot of the community’s requests including normalizing Superman, Black Adam, Scorpion, and Killer Frost. They also adjusted stage interactables on Metropolis Rooftop! Lots of stuff in this patch which you can check out after the jump

General Gameplay Fixes

-Additional frame data corrections.
-Slightly reduced opponent tracking on Metropolis’ Hover Drones when thrown by a power character.
-Normalized the splash hitbox Metropolis’ Hover Drones when thrown by a power character.
-Normalized the splash hitbox of the Arkham/Joker Asylum Chandelier when thrown by a power character.
-The input buffer window when using an Interactive Object inside of a combo with Medium + Hard Attack has been adjusted to prevent some unintentional attacks from happening.
-Universal improvement to everyone’s Down+Medium attack
-Made it harder to combo off the headslam on the Ship Interactive Object in the upper level of the Fortress Of Solitude.

The Marine Marvel (Forward+1, 3) combo now has a block advantage of 0.

The Raging Charge (Back+Forwad+X) can no longer be parried

You now need a bar of Meter to perform the MB version of Bab’s Bola (Back+Forward+1)

Batman can now 2in1 cancel from his Intimidation (1, 2) combo when Release Check is set to Off.

Black Adam
The Boot Stomp now has 4 additional recovery frames when blocked by the opponent.
Slightly increased Black Adam’s combo damage scaling.

The Tomcat (1, Forward+2) Combo had it’s block advantage adjusted to +3 (from+8).

The Flash
The speed of The Flash’s Forward Dash has been increased.
Placing The Flash in his Running Man Stance (Down+Down+2) now also sets him to a “ducking” position.

Green Arrow
There is now slightly less cancel advantage when the Queen’s Gambit (Forward+2, Down+1, 3) and Light It Up (Away+2, 3) combo is blocked.

Harley Quinn
The Bag-O-Tricks (Character Power) now recovers faster.
There is now slightly less damage scaling on attacks performed after Harley’s Mallet Bomb supermove.
The Spinning Pistols (Down+2) attack now inflicts the correct damage amount and had it’s hitbox slightly improved.

The level 2 HaHaHa (Character Power) buff now lasts 18 seconds and the level 3 HaHaHa buff now lasts 27 seconds.
The Joker’s Wild (Character Power) parry is active for 4 more additional frames.

Killer Frost
Slightly increased Killer Frost’s damage scaling on combos
Freezing Cold (character power) now has 10 additional frames of recovery.

You now need a bar of Meter to perform the MB version of the Gravity Mine (Down + Down + 3)
The Geyser Uppercut (Down+2) now inflicts correct damage to the opponent.

Staff Stance Down+Light is now +3 on block (down from +6).

Shroud of Flames (Character Power)no longer starts it’s cooldown if it gets interrupted before it is activated.
Flip Kick (Down + Forward + 2) is now -10 on block (up from -1).
Teleport Punch (Down + Back + 3) now has more recovery time when blocked.
Slightly adjusted the Teleport Punch (Down+Back+3) speed
The Teleport Punch is now a High attack and has slightly more recovery when it misses.
Increased Welcome to the Netherrealm (Supermove) damage to 37 (from33.75)
Slightly adjusted his Jumping Light and Jumping Hard hit-boxes.
The Teleport Punch (Down + Back + 3) on block is now -8 and slightly pushes back farther.

The Arachnid Sting (Down+Forward+Y) now has 5 additional recovery frames on when it successfully hits.

Solomon Grundy
There is now a slightly bigger hitbox on the Walking Corpse (Back+Forward+3).

Kyrptonian Crush (Supermove) now does 4% less damage.
Super Breath (Down+Back+2) now has 0 advantage when the opponent blocks.