25th Jun2013

Injustice 1.0.5 Patch Notes

by Rip

Over at the official Injustice site NetherRealms has put up the official patch notes for v1.0.5 which was released earlier today. It looks like they balanced a lot of the community’s requests including normalizing Superman, Black Adam, Scorpion, and Killer Frost. They also adjusted stage interactables on Metropolis Rooftop! Lots of stuff in this patch which you can check out after the jump


20th May2013

Injustice – 1.03 – Patch Notes

by Rip

Over at Injustice.com NetherRealms has released the official patch notes for the patch that comes out tomorrow. Lots of balance changes in this one in addition to other fixes. It looks like they tried to buff weaker characters and nerf stronger characters, but with so many characters adjusted and Black Adam / Batman / KillerFrost going untouched, something seems off. Major nerfs to Deathstroke and Superman, Cyborg IAFB block infinite removed, rage quit patch, and much more. Should be interesting to see how the community responds. Check out all the changes after the jump

10th May2013

Injustice – 1.02 – Patch Notes

by Rip

Over at the official website for Injustice NetherRealms has released the official patch notes for v1.02 (the patch that came out with Lobo). Surprisingly (in a good way), there aren’t really character balance changes aside from Doomsday. More general game system changes. Check out the changelog after the jump:

08th Oct2012

TTT2 Updated v1.02! Slim Bob, Sebastian, Miharu Released + 4 New Stages and MORE

by Rip

The new 1.02 patch for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is live and has a TON of new features. While we all expected the FREE new TTT2 DLC characters and stages, they have ALSO patched out some of the issues with the initial release (A.Ogre infinite/Kunimitsu ducking mids) plus added more features to the entire game (World Arena and Tekken Theater!) GET ONLINE and DOWNLOAD IT NOW FOR FREE!

New features:
-Sebastian, Slim Bob, Miharu released!
-4 New Stages! Saudi Arabia, Chile, Russia, and Poland!!
-WORLD ARENA inside Online Mode
-Equip/Customize decal in the customize mode
-Tekken Theater added to Gallery Mode – allows you to download openings/endings from Tekken 1,2,3, and TTT1!
-Access to PSN Store from Menu
-PS3 Customization load times decreased!
-Kunimitsu ducking mids patched out
-Ancient Ogre wall infinite patched out

19th Mar2012

Soul Calibur 5 Patch Changelog Available!

by Rip

A couple days ago it was announced that Soul Calibur 5 would be receiving a massive balance patch with ~240 updates. The patch goes live on March 21st, but you can read all the patch changes here. Some really interesting system changes here as they patched out the attack guard option that was used to make 8-way run and side step safer. Back dash is also more unsafe now. Aris’ fuzzy jump has also been patched out. Balance wise it looks like Natsu, Maxi, Xiba, and Tira got hit with the nerf stick. Lots of small nerfs across the board as well. Ivy and Viola look like they got some good buffs as well.

Also, there is going to be a patch for more customization options coming down on April 3rd. 4gamer has a bunch of screenshots up of a lot of the new customizations.
source: SDTekken & Kane

28th Sep2011

Mortal Kombat 9 – Patch Changes

by Rip

Been wanting to get back into MK9. Last week NetherRealms released a patch with a ton of changes. This is easily the largest patch the game has gotten and also the most significant. Kung Lao has been nerfed a bit and Noob has been fixed a bit!

V 0.144S-234-77c814ec (Xbox 360) / V ????-??? (PS3) [update version 1.??] *released 09/23/2011

General Gameplay Fixes/Tweaks

• Fixed a couple of crash scenarios.
• DLC billboards should now behave correctly on Xbox
• You should no longer see online desyncs on Xbox that are related to alternate costumes or classic costume DLC packs.
• MOTD handling and displaying code was tweaked.
• Fixed a bug that could have resulted in tweakvars getting corrupted.
• Fixed a crash in player select if you tried to exit out while the dlc box was open.
• With the exception of Human Cyrax and Human Sektor, everyone’s alternate costumes should behave the same as their primary costumes and have the exact same move properties.

12th Jul2011

Mortal Kombat 9 – Patches Changelog

by Rip

Thanks to Keits from SRK, I’ve finally found out that NetherRealms HAS been releasing changelogs for the MK9 hotfixes and patches! They just decided to do it on their own forum and not make an announcement about it! I’ve been waiting for them to follow in Blizzard’s footsteps for quite sometime so I’m super excited that they’re going forward like this. Next step would be to make the changes viewable from within the game itself right after it downloads it. Anyway, the thread is here and you’ll need an account to view it. I’ve included the latest 3 update changes here. This is what Evo will be run on:

V 138S-228 (Xbox 360) / V 138S-228 (PS3) [update version 1.02] *released 06/10/2011

General Gameplay Fixes/Tweaks
• Changes to ranked and unranked auto matchmaking to help reduce the amount of time it takes to find a match and to more reliably match players of similar skill
• Tweaked in game peer to peer data transmissions for smoother gameplay.
• Opponent would sometimes play air reactions instead of ground reactions if attacker performed a combo initiated from a jump in punch that was blocked.
• Adjusted a few knocked down reactions that were missing knocked down states in them resulted in OTG windows.
• Fixed instances where some fighter’s Combo Breakers could be punished with wake up attacks if performed near the corner.