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  • Injustice 1.0.5 Patch Notes

    Injustice 1.0.5 Patch Notes

    Over at the official Injustice site NetherRealms has put up the official patch notes for v1.0.5 which was released earlier today. It looks like they balanced a lot of the community’s requests including normalizing Superman, Black Adam, Scorpion, and Killer Frost. They also adjusted stage interactables on Metropolis Rooftop! Lots of stuff in this patch […]

  • Injustice – 1.03 – Patch Notes

    Injustice – 1.03 – Patch Notes

    Over at Injustice.com NetherRealms has released the official patch notes for the patch that comes out tomorrow. Lots of balance changes in this one in addition to other fixes. It looks like they tried to buff weaker characters and nerf stronger characters, but with so many characters adjusted and Black Adam / Batman / KillerFrost […]

  • Injustice – 1.02 –  Patch Notes

    Injustice – 1.02 – Patch Notes

    Over at the official website for Injustice NetherRealms has released the official patch notes for v1.02 (the patch that came out with Lobo). Surprisingly (in a good way), there aren’t really character balance changes aside from Doomsday. More general game system changes. Check out the changelog after the jump:

  • TTT2 Updated v1.02! Slim Bob, Sebastian, Miharu Released + 4 New Stages and MORE

    The new 1.02 patch for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is live and has a TON of new features. While we all expected the FREE new TTT2 DLC characters and stages, they have ALSO patched out some of the issues with the initial release (A.Ogre infinite/Kunimitsu ducking mids) plus added more features to the entire game […]

  • Soul Calibur 5 Patch Changelog Available!

    A couple days ago it was announced that Soul Calibur 5 would be receiving a massive balance patch with ~240 updates. The patch goes live on March 21st, but you can read all the patch changes here. Some really interesting system changes here as they patched out the attack guard option that was used to […]

  • Mortal Kombat 9 – Patch Changes

    Mortal Kombat 9 – Patch Changes

    Been wanting to get back into MK9. Last week NetherRealms released a patch with a ton of changes. This is easily the largest patch the game has gotten and also the most significant. Kung Lao has been nerfed a bit and Noob has been fixed a bit! V 0.144S-234-77c814ec (Xbox 360) / V ????-??? (PS3) […]

  • Mortal Kombat 9 – Patches Changelog

    Thanks to Keits from SRK, I’ve finally found out that NetherRealms HAS been releasing changelogs for the MK9 hotfixes and patches! They just decided to do it on their own forum and not make an announcement about it! I’ve been waiting for them to follow in Blizzard’s footsteps for quite sometime so I’m super excited […]