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Tekken Revolution – Eliza Unlocked! Lots of Gameplay Footage!

Earlier today I unlocked Eliza, the latest character in the Tekken franchise. Her moveset is a lot smaller than the rest of the cast and she has some interesting tools. Aside from her projectile and Moon Glide stance she is sort of a mix of Alisa and Lili. I played some Arcade Mode sets then went online ranked with her. Check it all out below and let me know what kind of Eliza content you’d like to see:






7 responses to “Tekken Revolution – Eliza Unlocked! Lots of Gameplay Footage!”

  1. Joshua Coleman

    Ummm… Morning Bread and Butter: Hwoarang

  2. LevelUpYourGame

    lol, nice. If SpeedKicks is down, I’m down to do it

  3. L_Z_N

    Any tips to unlock her?

  4. Joshua Coleman

    Finally!!!!! I’ve waited my whole life (About 2-3 months) for this! Just throw a lil Beak tutorial in there too if you’ve got the time. I’ll be on YouTube waiting.

  5. LevelUpYourGame

    We definitely have Baek comin thru sometime

  6. Joshua Coleman


  7. reepal

    @L_Z_N mokujin rush! Lots of mokujin rush! You can unlock her with 50-60 coins pretty easily.