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Eliza – First 70,000 Blood Seals – UNLOCKED by Kane!

Kane has been hard at work grinding away on Tekken Revolution and he’s just unlocked the first 70k Blood Seals for Eliza! Check it out below! He included the intro / outro for her as well!





6 responses to “Eliza – First 70,000 Blood Seals – UNLOCKED by Kane!”

  1. TuD_KADAJ

    reepal wow. dat was fast!

  2. reepal

    TuD_KADAJ im prettty sure it only seems fast when youre not the one unlocking it lol

  3. ashstampede

    reepal so is mokujin rush the best way to get seals? And your using gold coins to continue replaying that mode?

  4. reepal

    ashstampede yes

  5. Mohamed Kies

    Thought that was her big chest version.

  6. Romek Janiak

    moar blood = bigger tits 😀