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Morning Bread & Butter – #TTT2 – Raven

We’re back with another TTT2 tutorial! This time around we cover Raven in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. As always, please subscribe to the Youtube channel if you’d like to see more tutorials. If you want to catch the tutorials live follow the levelupyourgame twitch channel. Let us know in the comments who else you’d like to see a tutorial for.






13 responses to “Morning Bread & Butter – #TTT2 – Raven”

  1. Alexander Eriksson

    I’ve been waiting for this a long time! Thanks for all the videos and streams 🙂

  2. Joshua Coleman

    Didn’t I ask for a Hwoarang tutorial?

  3. Peter Houston

    yoshi please..

  4. James Chef Da Silva

    Beak please, I’ll buy cake!

  5. Reed Lilly

    Get JustFrameJames or ForMyNinjas to do Yoshi!

  6. Reed Lilly

    Get Speedkicks to do Hwoarang!

  7. Jose R Penuela

    You guys for got Raven’s back turn: f+3 and all the fun options with that on counter hit.

  8. Jose R Penuela

    It is very possible to nail 3 back turn 3+4 launches. Starting with back turn b+2,3 on counter hit – bt,3+4 – bt,3+4. I highly recommend you hit tag off the third launch.

  9. Jose R Penuela

    Raven has a neat ninja trick out of his 3,3,4. Not alot of Raven players know this, but if you hold down on the d-pad +4 after 3,3,4, you will notice him slowly put his hands in the b+2+4 animation. watch what happens when you attempt to punish him.

  10. Jose R Penuela

    I think u+3,4 is an honorable mention. If your plus 5 on blk hitting b+1 then whats the plus frame data on the 4 of u+3,4. If lucky enough to nail the 4 on blk and then grab your opponent, you are rewarded witha free side throw.

  11. Jose R Penuela

    Raven’s full crouch d+f 3+4 on counter is a full combo launcher. Input f,f+4 for the pick up after counter hit.

  12. Jose R Penuela

    Back turn f+1 just might be useless, but if blocked or wiffed and you finger buffer the 1 it sets up b+1+2 somthin sweet 🙂

  13. sandcrab21

    First of all thanks for all the great videos. If you could do a Morning Bread & Butter for Nina that’d be much appreciated:)

    Thanks again