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Morning B&B – TTT2 – Ling Xiayou Tutorial ft LingMassacre

In this Tekken Tag Tournament 2 tutorial LingMassacre (aka DocMassacre) joins us to cover Ling Xiayou! As always, follow the twitch channel to watch it live, and subscribe to the Youtube channel! For our full playlist of Tekken Tag 2 Character Tutorials click here!





3 responses to “Morning B&B – TTT2 – Ling Xiayou Tutorial ft LingMassacre”

  1. Kasey N. Moore

    This will help. A lot.

  2. Joshua Peter Ekin

    omg LingMassacre is doing stuff I’m having a mild cardiac event

  3. Akudama

    isn’t back 1 from standing her fastest move?