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Tekken 7 Announced at Evolution 2014

Hey guys, as you’ve probably heard by now Tekken 7 was announced at Evolution 2014 this past weekend! Some of the more interesting bits about it are that it is running on the Unreal 4 Engine and that This was a bit of a surprise as a lot of people had been expecting Tekken x Street Fighter, which Harada mentioned as still being a work in progress. The announcement trailer has been out since yesterday and you can catch it after the jump. Since I was at the event, I got a recording of it as it debuted in front of the Evolution crowd, so you can experience it with the crowd reaction below! What changes do you guys hope to see in Tekken 7?





2 responses to “Tekken 7 Announced at Evolution 2014”

  1. Lilko456

    I hope to see Bruce get a devastating knockdown low, something in the same vain as a hell sweep or bob’s Après Sweep. Bruce’s f,N,d,d/f mix of game is pretty good but if he had knockdown/counter hit combo ability it would be perfect. His story arc suggest that he is at least on par with some mishima’s (mainly Kazuya & Jin) so it makes sense developmentally.

  2. ThaiVan1

    Make Mishimas bottom tier :p