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Tekken 7 – First Gameplay Screenshots – New Character Claudio!

Just released from the location test comes a new PDF file that goes over some of the games new mechanics as well as a movelist for the 18 characters available in the build. Two new features in the game are a new Rage Arts and Power Crush attacks. Power Crush attacks are attacks that will go through other attacks, BUT you will still take damage if you were attacked during it. This means its similar to invincible moves from Tekken Revolution. One notable exception, is that it will only absorb high and mid moves, not low moves! Check out the PDF and first gameplay screenshots HERE. Also revealed was a new character, Claudio! Also, the character we thought was Catalina is actually Katarina! Surprise!


Translation by Noodalls via Neogaf:
Rage arts
Once your health falls below a certain value, you enter into rage mode and your attack power increases. During that time, you have access to special powerful moves known as rage arts.
The command varies per character, so check the command list.

– when the life bar indicates, you have access to rage arts
– you can use them in combos
– go for the comeback victory!!

Power Crush
Even if you are hit during your attack, you will continue to attack until the end of the move. It is powerful as you can use it as often as you like, to absorb as many attacks as you like, but you will still take the damage from the opponent’s move, so watch your life bar carefully.

In the move list on page 3, the red moves are rage arts, the blue moves are power crush. It also mentions that power crush moves will only absorb the opponent’s high and mid moves.





26 responses to “Tekken 7 – First Gameplay Screenshots – New Character Claudio!”

  1. LevelUpYourGame

    Paul and Asuka Rage Arts – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhdkM2VBaPo

  2. Aki Bono

    🙁 the bound system was sooo good back than in T6BR. i’d like to have it back. the TTT2 system was way to crazy but BR was for me like the perfect match

  3. Ibrahim Al-Timimi

    Yoooo… Bring back bound.

  4. AaronPeart

    But TEKKEN Rev is  just at heart a stripped down Tag 2? most people don’t like it because the online sucks and is full of scrubs

  5. LevelUpYourGame

    After seeing more of this game, I think the game will be fine without bound. There’s a new mechanic to extend combos. I’ll talk about it and show it in a video in a few hours

  6. LevelUpYourGame

    My vid covering the system changes in Tekken 7 – including the new system mechanic to extend combos without the old “bound” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Ai432qdzN4

  7. Ibrahim Al-Timimi

    cool vid Rip. Thanks for digging through all that footage for evidence. Glad to see that they’ve buffed floor breaks to make up for almost ditching bound altogether.
    The slow down looks pretty hype and I can imagine that’ll cause some pretty dope moments in live play.
    I’m hoping the rage arts are a work-in-progress as they don’t seem to do a great deal and the animations could do with a little bit more spice.
    All-in-all, I’m modestly hyped and cautiously optimistic!

  8. Jonathan Isler

    Maxi ? is that you ?? lol

  9. Aki Bono

    thx rip for the vid, this katarina reminds me on sarah from VF, i just can’t help

  10. mhelzkie

    imagine that its tekken revolution guys i think japanese like that game than tekken tag 2

  11. mhelzkie

    hey some guy sssay its maxi from soulcalibur he really looks like him haha