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Tekken 7- New Customizations Revealed

Was the Tekken 7 Arcade Release Date not enough cool news for one day? Well then here are some new direct feed screenshots of Tekken 7 customized outfits for Ling Xiayou, Asuka Kazama, Dragunov, and Leo! I assume they are customizations because they are so unique and I can’t read japanese, but could they be the new default outfits? Someone who reads Japanese, figure it out and let me know! I, for one, am really eager to see what the new default costumes look like. As far as customizations go though, these certainly look to be more detailed than anything we’ve seen from past games in the franchise. Check them all out after the jump:



Src: Gamer via ATP





5 responses to “Tekken 7- New Customizations Revealed”

  1. Alex Chin

    they quite went deep with the customization

  2. Modestas Jakubonis

    Cool! I can’t wait to see all new costumizations!

  3. Dorian Snorlax Rodriguez

    I’m not impressed. Sorry If i’m going to pay $60 to $75 dollars for a game you better make sure it has features that i never see before. I don’t want another disappointing game like tekken 6 paying all this money just to not play the game.

  4. Dorian Snorlax Rodriguez

    Plus it’s on ps4 and playstation network is no longer free. So this version of tekken better be worth it.

  5. Okutan Gøkman

    Daammn dragunov look so awesome!