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Tekken 7 Arcade Trailer Revealed! New Gameplay Footage!

Check out this new trailer for Tekken 7 Arcade Trailer from the official Tekken youtube page. Not a whole lot of new stuff, but its always nice to see direct feed footage of the game at high resolution! Power Crush and Rage Arts also seem to function the same way from this trailer. Theres a small clip of Hwoarang’s Rage Art near the end as well! It also is pretty interesting that they released it as 1080p60 footage on Youtube. HMMmmm..





3 responses to “Tekken 7 Arcade Trailer Revealed! New Gameplay Footage!”

  1. Freakmasta01

    That Unreal Engine 4

  2. Modestas Jakubonis

    Nice HD resolution graphics. I hope to see all character rage arts and new or improve stuff

  3. Ernestas Jakubonis

    Awesome trailer 😉