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Tekken 7 – New Character – Lucky Chloe!

Just revealed during Namco’s 20th Anniversary of Tekken, a new character! LUCKY CHLOE! Her gameplay showed a mix of Lili, Capos, and Ling! What do you guys think? The more I watch her, the more I think she has some Eliza elements in her. Leads me to think that Eliza will not be in Tekken 7.











18 responses to “Tekken 7 – New Character – Lucky Chloe!”

  1. Aj Paul Momongan

    kawaii as fuck

  2. Mark Anthony Kelley

    Love it xD with this the character roster has more diversity with it’s cast. This of course points away from a gritty story but I’m okay with that personally. The idea is fun and lovable. i hope they don’t change her to much she looks like a straight performer so she has appeal in more ways than one. Gameplay wise again the move set looks awesome, it fits her over all appearance with her moves looking cute and playful as i mentioned earlier but over all has a flare that can attract new players. I love how she top rocks infront of her opponent as a stance (least i hope its a stance). I am so looking forward to playing her just for what she has to offer xD

  3. LevelUpYourGame

    Ive been rewatching this.. and the more I watch it.. the more I see Eliza in her moves

  4. Mark Anthony Kelley

    I can see it in her jab string, you think this means she might receive her projectile as well? Kind of like a sonic wave or maybe with electricity xD still a lot of what she pulls off is mainly break dancing. Not like Christe/ Eddy Capo so it is possible for her to take what Eliza has as her replacement seeing as she wasn’t that well received in Revolution at least with her projectiles.

  5. Mark Anthony Kelley

    It also sounds like they changed the hit sounds… or is that just me

  6. Ray Daniels

    Aaron Marquis Dior Bennett

  7. Daniel Trujillo

    I’m not a whole fan of the kawaii thing she has. It seems like she has the all the annoying characteristics of an anime character

  8. Aaron Marquis Dior Bennett

    i hope this isnt zaf u know=/?

  9. Yahkim Nazca Siffel

    To be completely honest I haven’t seen new character I have legitimately liked for Tekken 7 yet. That’s not saying that I can’t or won’t grow to like them, but thus far they seem like uninspired, all over the place mashups of existing chararcters, and I find that so unacceptable; that’s just my opion, at least right now.

  10. Bobby Febrian Pangalila

    Finally another new char

  11. Michael Okocha

    i dont care !!! im impatiently waiting for yoshimitsu ey Santo Trapani check dees

  12. Selim Oğuzhan Bakır

    I want ogre back !!!!!!!

  13. NewEra Finley

    Aghhh I wanna see some lei wulong game play

  14. Carl Andy Nevill

    I dont understand the hate this character is receiving.

  15. NewEra Finley

    Because most people who played tekken from the beginning wants to see the return of past characters that made tekken. Plus it would be different if it was a male, warrior instead of a girl with paws. Plus she plays like lili. I personally hate lili