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Tekken Crash Archive Available! Tekken 7 Exhibition

A couple nights ago we saw Tekken Crash return with an exhibition for Tekken 7. The archive of that event is now up on their youtube channel. Note, that it is the older build of the game, so there is no footage of Lucky Chloe or Shaheen. Its still cool to see some high level play in that build of the game.





2 responses to “Tekken Crash Archive Available! Tekken 7 Exhibition”

  1. Ernestas Jakubonis

    Well I watch a big of it. Still abit disappointed. They haven’t changed anything. Well graphics at least. And Could some1 tell Harada to remove that fukcing red life!!!!!???

  2. Modestas Jakubonis

    However, the game is finished yet so we can expect some new things until February of 20-28.