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Rip’s Tekken 7 Impressions from NCR / Final Round

Whats up guys! In the past month I’ve got to play Tekken 7 at both Final Round, and just this past weekend, at Norcal Regionals. I got to spend a lot of time with the game and got to try out the 4 new characters in Lucky Chloe, Shaheen, Claudio, and Katarina. I’ve put together a video talking about my general feelings about the game in its current state, my thoughts about the characters I’ve used, and my thoughts on the possible console release date of the game. Check it out below!


11 responses to “Rip’s Tekken 7 Impressions from NCR / Final Round”

  1. Moatasm Tagelnaar

    make a larger board for the twitch subs (board of awesome) luygBoom

  2. Modestas Jakubonis

    The game looks amazing so far. Especially then it’s playable with Unreal Engine 4 Graphics.

  3. Modestas Jakubonis

    And of course I enjoy the new combo mechanics.

  4. Xavier Foster

    Law finally gets some much needed tweaking.

  5. Ronald Rodríguez

    Make an analysis about Law!

  6. Mike Khieu

    Thumbnail smirk just pisses me off. Thanks for update.

  7. Wit Duangpattra

    I like how you analyze this game. So interested !!

  8. LevelUpYourGame

    Xavier Foster I talk about Law a lot in this video already lol

  9. David Cook

    Great info

  10. Ronald Rodríguez

    Thanks for the insight on Law, man. Anyway, how about a video analysis, like the one you made for Law in TTT2.

  11. srsly

    Do more VLOGS