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Author: JTchinoy

  • Hands on Impressions of Tekken 7 Location Test – JTchinoy

    Hands on Impressions of Tekken 7 Location Test – JTchinoy

    After 3 long days of waking up early to try to get the special Tekken 7 Banapassports, which I’ve successfully claimed 2 of, I can finally write a complete GENERAL review of the game in its current form.  Please note that I haven’t watched anyone else’s initial impression videos or read any posts, nor did […]

  • Philippines’ Malls got it all

    For most of the western world, the thought of a thriving arcade is nothing more than a fond memory to more experienced gamers and nothing more than just a tale told to the younger gamers. To some Tekken players, the existence of a thriving arcade scene is a legend of the “promised land” that supposedly […]

  • Abigan2k takes Tekken PIT: Go For Broke tournament

    Tekken PIT held its debut tournament for the “Go For Broke” series last Saturday, April 16.  Held in Fiorgelato in Malate, Metro Manila, the tournament had a turnout of 24 entrants.  Using 2 PS3 setups, the tournament lasted 5 hours after starting.

  • StrongStyle meets SobrangStyle*: Filipino Tekken

    *Sobrang means too much or excessive in Tagalog (Filipino) Before I start detailing the Tekken culture of the Philippines, I’d like to introduce myself so that you know who I am. My name is JT, aka JTchinoy. I’m a Filam (Filipino American) from Northern California and my main character is Ling Xiaoyu. I’ve been active […]