26th Aug2011

TekkenForce – August 26th Tournament

by Rip

Looks like we missed the TekkenForce live stream from London a few hours ago, but the whole tournament is up below. Ryan Hart, Dinosaur, Cristina, Inti, Lion-O, ShadowForce, Imperial and more were in attendance as usual, check it out! Part 2 of the stream after the jump


21st Jun2011

Philippines’ Malls got it all

by JTchinoy

For most of the western world, the thought of a thriving arcade is nothing more than a fond memory to more experienced gamers and nothing more than just a tale told to the younger gamers. To some Tekken players, the existence of a thriving arcade scene is a legend of the “promised land” that supposedly exists in Korea and Japan. The thought of 6 to 10 Tekken machines filling every arcade is nothing less than a dream come true to many western Tekken players. Although it’s a very westernized country, this certainly isn’t the case in the Philippines. It doesn’t have 6 machines in every arcade, but it’s close enough. (more…)

25th Apr2011

Abigan2k takes Tekken PIT: Go For Broke tournament

by JTchinoy

Tekken PIT held its debut tournament for the “Go For Broke” series last Saturday, April 16.  Held in Fiorgelato in Malate, Metro Manila, the tournament had a turnout of 24 entrants.  Using 2 PS3 setups, the tournament lasted 5 hours after starting. (more…)

07th Apr2011

StrongStyle meets SobrangStyle*: Filipino Tekken

by JTchinoy

*Sobrang means too much or excessive in Tagalog (Filipino)

Before I start detailing the Tekken culture of the Philippines, I’d like to introduce myself so that you know who I am. My name is JT, aka JTchinoy. I’m a Filam (Filipino American) from Northern California and my main character is Ling Xiaoyu. I’ve been active in the American Tekken community since Tekken 5 and have used Xiaoyu since Tekken 5: DR. I have experience playing against the top players in Japan, Korea, and the United States. Don’t worry, I know just enough about Tekken and Tekken communities around the world to talk about this.

I’m currently living in the Philippines for an extended period and I’m here to give you some insight into the Tekken community that has bred a few big name players in America including the one and only FilthyRich. While everyone knows of these players, nobody actually knows about the culture that raised them beyond that fact that they grew up and learned Tekken in the Philippines. I’m here to provide that information. I’ve spent a total of 5 months in the Philippines as of this article and have been extremely active within the community since I’ve arrived. There’s a lot to cover, so I’ll be writing about a different aspect of the culture in this series of articles. (more…)