23rd Sep2011

EWGF – ATP Stream – 2011/9/23

by Rip

Aris and company are back with another Electric Wind G0d Friday stream. No Galo vs WeaponX this week, but hopefully next week. Stream should be up soon, check it out:

19th Sep2011

Tekken Hybrid Limited Edition – Release Date and Info

by Rip

Update 2011/9/20: Package contents image. Thanks to AAK for breaking the news about what’s in the LE packaging of Tekken Hybrid. Now it looks as though both Amazon and Gamestop are reporting a release date of November 22, 2011. The Limited Edition will cost $59.99 and include:


16th Sep2011

ATP Stream Archive – Electric Wind God Fridays – 2011/9/16

by Rip

If you missed the stream live last night, catch the action from the archives and follow AvoidingThePuddle on twitchTV:


14th Sep2011

Bogus Journeys – Episode 2 – Five Bucks on Zafina!

by Rip

Hey guys, we’re back playing online with another episode of Bogus Journeys! This time around Rickstah takes the stick and shows us how to not play smart while I demonstrate my awesomely terrible King! Check it out and leave any suggestions/feedback in the comments:

07th Sep2011

Bogus Journeys – Episode 1 – Really Homie?!

by Rip

Welcome! To the first episode of Bogus Journeys! In this new series from us here at Level Up Your Game we play Tekken 6… Online. Whoa, whoa whoa. Tekken 6…online? Yes. Tekken 6.. ONLINE. As this was our first time doing this we sort of winged it and hoped for the best, so any feedback, suggestions etc would be greatly appreciated.

06th Sep2011

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Basics Guide on NeoGAF

by Rip

AAK has put together one of the most impressive text/picture guides I have ever seen for Tekken. While the focus is on Tekken Tag Tournament 2, most of the guide is applicable to Tekken 6 as well. He covers notation, movement, throws, netsu, bound, crush, raw tags, tag assault, tag crash etc. The entire thread is for all things Tekken so he also covers a bunch of info on Tekken WiiU, Tekken 3DS Prime, Tekken Hybrid etc.

03rd Sep2011

Electric Wind God Fridays – ATP Stream 9/2/2011

by Rip

Miss the stream last night? Catch the archive!

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