26th Jan2012

New Tekken 3DS Trailer and Informantion

by Rip

The official Tekken website has a bunch of new information on the new 3DS version of Tekken due out for the Nintendo 3DS next month. The game looks to be Tekken 6 with young Heihachi and 8 stages exclusive to the 3DS. It also features a card collecting/trading system, online play, and touch screen shortcuts for combos. The Prime Edition also contains the Tekken Blood Vengeance movie. If you haven’t played much Tekken 6, have a 3DS, and are looking forward to Tekken Tag 2 later this year, then this is a must buy. They also released a new video trailer:

18th Aug2011

Tekken 3D Prime Edition – New Information

by Rip

Tekken 3DS - Tekken 3D Prime EditionNamco Bandai announced at Gamescom that Tekken on Nintendo 3DS will be called Tekken 3D Prime Edition. The Tekken:Blood Vengeance movie will be bundled on the cartridge! Not announced if the movie will be the 3D version, but it seems like a safe assumption. They also released a bunch of screenshots that show some new stages (which may end up in TTT2?!). Not to mention, Young Heihachi in his old 2P outfit! Trailer and screenshots after the jump (more…)