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New Tekken 3DS Trailer and Informantion

The official Tekken website has a bunch of new information on the new 3DS version of Tekken due out for the Nintendo 3DS next month. The game looks to be Tekken 6 with young Heihachi and 8 stages exclusive to the 3DS. It also features a card collecting/trading system, online play, and touch screen shortcuts for combos. The Prime Edition also contains the Tekken Blood Vengeance movie. If you haven’t played much Tekken 6, have a 3DS, and are looking forward to Tekken Tag 2 later this year, then this is a must buy. They also released a new video trailer:






6 responses to “New Tekken 3DS Trailer and Informantion”

  1. Nocturnal Ocelot

    have to admit I like the look of that card album thing. and was that an all new wallpaper of lili at 3:28? hope somebody gets these and posts them on the web.

  2. KenG

    Tekken 6 still!?!?

  3. Damajer

    I didnt understant anything but “excellento” but I think were getting 1 button EWGF’s and TGF’s

  4. shitface


  5. chemicalRed

    Ive played this game. Aside from the DS’s Dpad its decent.

  6. Oni Oyabun

    Excellent.. 🙂