20th Mar2013

Knee, JDCR Confirmed for Final Round!

by Rip

ShinBlanka has posted up on Facebook to let everyone know that Knee will be joining JDCR at Final Round next week! With Ao also rumored to be in attendance it looks like Namco Bandai’s $5000 pot bonus is bringing out the big guns! Top Tekken players from around the country will also be in attendance, including: Anakin, KOR, AGE Fab, FightingGM, Rickstah and many more! Final Round is March 28-30 and you can get more information about the event directly from their website

04th Aug2012

SBO 2012 – Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Results

by Rip

SBO 2012 is now over for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and the tournament came down to a classic Korea vs Japan finals. Its been awhile since the major participants of an SBO tournament all made it to the top 3, so this may be a good sign for the consistency of results for the game. Its also interesting to note that JDCR was the only person in the top 3 using a solo character and that it wasn’t enough in the grand finals. Looks like solo mode may not be good enough at the highest skill levels. BIG shoutout to the Australian team, Lucky Strikes and MMT, for tying for fourth place!

Also, there have been lots of reports of glare/lag from other games at SBO this year as it was held outdoors, but for day 2 it looks like they’ve resolved this. Bracket and results after the jump

First vid = Top 4, second vid = Pools. Thx to TZ’s ZeroX03 for the vid

31st Jul2012

estars*Seoul 2012 – Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Results and Vids

by Rip

The estars*Seoul 2012 Tournament for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 has concluded and Knee has come out the victor beating out Holeman in the grand finals. This single elimination tournament brought players from around the world together to compete in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Unlimited. NYC Fab was voted in to compete for the USA, but unfortunately the tournament was run on stick (and all the players on the voting list were pad players?!). Hopefully next time estars considers this obvious oversight and makes accommodations for pad players or only puts players who can play on stick in the voting process. Check out more match vids after the jump:


10th Aug2011

MasterCup 20-on-20 Tekken 6 Japan Vids

by Rip

I’ve been waiting for the rest of the vids to go up before posting this – so here it is in its entirety. This awesome set from MasterCupOfficial features the majority of Japan’s top players. A team that includes Ao, Fukusu, Furumizu, Shou and Nobi can’t lose… right? (more…)