01st Oct2012

Pier21 and S.T.L Tekken Tag 2 Combo Videos

by Rip

Pier21 and S.T.L are back with some brand new combo videos for Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Pier21′s is tool assisted and S.T.L’s is awesome as always. Pier21′s first combo with Bryan/MokuBryan is pretty awesome. Check them out below and after the jump:


22nd Oct2011

New Tekken 6 BR Combo Videos – KYSG and Something A Little More Fun

by Rip

KYSG has released a new Tekken 6 BR combo video and it definitely has some interesting stuff. This time around, its all on PSP and no programmable controller was used. A lot of counter hit unblockable shoulder tackle combos here that makes me want to believe that every character gets a combo after it. Second video is just fun to watch because every combo starts with an uf,n,1 jump punch! Check them out