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New Tekken 6 BR Combo Videos – KYSG and Something A Little More Fun

KYSG has released a new Tekken 6 BR combo video and it definitely has some interesting stuff. This time around, its all on PSP and no programmable controller was used. A lot of counter hit unblockable shoulder tackle combos here that makes me want to believe that every character gets a combo after it. Second video is just fun to watch because every combo starts with an uf,n,1 jump punch! Check them out





3 responses to “New Tekken 6 BR Combo Videos – KYSG and Something A Little More Fun”

  1. dsn

    2nd vid. sickest vid. ever.

  2. Damajer

    wow how did that delayed hopkick connect after lee’s CH1+2
    (second video 2:35)
    it looked like kazuya was getting up and he got a back juggle, yet practice mode kept it a combo.
    I dont think it works except your enemy does a quickstand.

    amazing combos nevertheless

  3. ontwoJANGO

    helloZ guyZ thnx for the coments


    CH 1+2, u/f,n+4, b+2~f, 1,2, F+4,4, B! f+2,1 [101]
    CH 1+2, u/f,n+4, b+2~f, 2, b+2~f, F+4,4, B! u/f+3,1+2 [104]

    actually i found it by mistake i was trying to get my opponent
    with d,d/f,n~4* (old trick hope i wrote right the input)
    i saw that there are few frames before the opponent fell down
    so i tried few tricks and boom! he was on the air.
    with right timing its not so hard (no quickstand or tech roll)

    d+3, dash, 2,3,1, dash, 2,3,1, dash, 2,3,4, f,f+3, B! d/f+3+4 [66]
    is way too harder you must do perfect 3 x dash

    and i was trying to do the same input with d/f+2 but no success