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Cross Assault – Team Tekken Entrant Round-Up

UDPATE 2011/2/8: Bronson Tran, FightingGM, NYC Fab, SperoGin, 200Yen, BloodRed added

Cross Assault is rapidly approaching and entrants for Team Tekken are finally picking up. While there have been quite a few entries for TeamTekken, very few of them are actually Tekken players from the competitive Tekken scene. This being the case I’d like to highlight a few of these players for the Cross Assault competition. Only 5 will be selected for Team Tekken, so be sure to go to the youtube page of each entrant you like to ‘Like’ their video and leave comments. The deadline to apply has been extended to February 8th. If entering, make sure you sign up here to let Capcom know where your YouTube video is! Be careful when watching Renikon’s because the audio levels are way off. Feel free to post up links to other Cross Assault entries in the comments. Rest of the vids after the jump:


Update 2011/2/8



16 responses to “Cross Assault – Team Tekken Entrant Round-Up”

    1. Rip

      Thx, added. He actually used to play some Street Fighter as well so he may be a good candidate for the show.

  1. Get that cheeks

    GM gets no love lmao!

    1. Rip

      Do you have a link to his video? I havent heard anything about him submitting one. If you have the link, throw it in the comments and I’ll put it up

    1. Rip

      My favorite part about that video is how it never once mentions Cross Assault and how its not an actual entry for Cross Assault…

  2. fightinggm

    actually it i is it is what i submitted for the show, i didnt have to talk about cross assault, it just shows why i should be on the show.

    1. AAK

      Damn man, why’d you submit that video if you thought it was all a stupid joke anyway?

      1. Rip

        Yeeaa.. there is a LOT wrong with that video..

  3. AAK

    Perfect Legend: (Plays Devil Jin)

    Blood Red:



    Yeah, right now, Tekken players are losing. The highest views for Team Tekken are:
    1. Zhi
    2. Filipino Champ
    3. Super Y4n
    4. Perfect Legend
    5. Flash Metroid

    So far, only 2 people (Perfect Legend and Steve) that actually play Tekken.

  4. Super_Yan

    Thank you for remembering me RIP. :’)

  5. Bronson Tran.. 😀

    Crow also submitted his

  6. LevelUpYourGame

    Updated with Fab, GM, Spero Gin and more

  7. LevelUpYourGame

    Updated with Bronson Tran