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  • Evo 2012 – Tekken Tag 2 Footage

    Evo 2012 – Tekken Tag 2 Footage

    At Evolution 2012 Namco had some Tekken Tag 2 footage to show off. They showed a behind the scenes clip of the Snoop Dogg music video, the 4 character reveal (Forest, Alex, P.Jack, and Tiger), as well as some exhibition matches between MYK and myself. Footage starts at the 3 hour 25 minute mark. Exhibition […]

  • Evolution 2k11 – Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Exhibition

    Between Tekken 6 finals and MK finals NBGA put together a little Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Exhibition. They set up a 5v5 with pokemon rules with some of the top players in attendance. Not the best quality as it was recorded from the Evo stream, but until they put it up on their Youtube channel, […]