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Evo 2012 – Tekken Tag 2 Footage

At Evolution 2012 Namco had some Tekken Tag 2 footage to show off. They showed a behind the scenes clip of the Snoop Dogg music video, the 4 character reveal (Forest, Alex, P.Jack, and Tiger), as well as some exhibition matches between MYK and myself. Footage starts at the 3 hour 25 minute mark. Exhibition match by itself after the jump






7 responses to “Evo 2012 – Tekken Tag 2 Footage”

  1. Chaoz

    did you missed or forest doesnt have marshal’s ff+4, 3?

    1.  @Chaoz He has it, I missed it, must have been some weird lag because we were both dropping lots of stuff we usually wouldn’t drop

      1. Chaoz

         @LevelUpYourGame make sense.. must be the monitor?

  2. Alex Chin

    Cant wait for the game to come out ^.^

  3. korly

    The combo video they showed right before your matches, did you guys put them together?  And is that video by itself online anywhere (ie, not part of the 4 hour long EVO vid)?

    1.  @korly The video is supposed to be put online later separately by itself. I’m not sure why the combo creator wasnt credited, but I suppose they had some reason not to say it so I’m not at liberty to say

  4. Jeremiah

    The crowd couldnt care any less