28th Dec2011

Algol and Edge Master Confirmed For Soul Calibur 5 – Tekken Customizations Included As Well

by Rip

Famitsu has confirmed that Algol and Edge Master will return in Soul Calibur 5. I like how the oldest dude in Soul Calibur makes his return in Soul Calibur 5 where there is a big jump in time. Always cool to see characters return though. I expect there will be a lot of character reveals incoming as we lead up to the release of the game at the end of January.

Separately, they also have shown customizations that allow your character to look like Harada/Heihachi, but also to have DevilJin/Devil Kazuya moves (ewgf, tgf throw, laser throw?). Pretty neat, more pictures after the jump

08th Dec2011

Gamasutra Interview with Harada about Tekken’s Future

by Rip

Nice short interview with Harada where he shares his thoughts on the future of the Tekken series. With so many games coming out on so many platforms in the next year its a pretty interesting read. Of particular instance is a reference he makes to Tekken x Street Fighter being open to next-generation consoles if the opportunity arises. Obviously the game is still early in development, but if the situation presents itself then it seems they are still open to the idea. Check out the full article here and the blurb about TxSF here:

For example, [Capcom producer Yoshinori] Ono-san’s team is working on Street Fighter X Tekken. We have our Tekken X Street Fighter that we will be doing here. Currently I’m thinking of that for PlayStation 3 hardware, and this is just a “for instance” — I mean, it’s not like we have any kind of info that you don’t — but if Sony were to say, “Okay, we have the next PlayStation hardware available,” then obviously we would put that into consideration.

03rd Oct2011

1up Interview’s Harada Regarding the Six+ Upcoming Tekken titles

by Rip

This is the first article with Harada in awhile that actually has some good new information. For one, Harada talks about how the Tekken Project development team is currently split up. A good chunk of them are doing motion capture on Tekken x Street Fighter, so its safe to say that game is past the 1% mark now. He also talks a bit about the ORIGINAL version of Tekken 4 which was scrapped and their almost collaboration/crossover with a different 3rd party game developer. Very good read, check it out

19th Sep2011

Boatloads of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Gameplay Videos

by Rip

More and more videos are coming out of Japan. ShintairikuKumagaya Youtube channel has a bunch of HD direct feed footage from the Live Monitor. Really good looking material if you want to see what the game looks like. I’ve put some of the latest vids after the jump. Harada has also put up an OFFICIAL TAG ASSAULT Video of sorts that highlights some of the special team combos/throws/winposes. To start things off though, check out these two vids. First up, Jinpachi / Kazuya special team combo. Second, a clip of the new “Strategic Space” stage in which you can get a wall break to a barrier/railing break (not sure what to call this yet) in the same combo!


10th Aug2011

siliconera’s Interviews with Harada – Tekken x SF, TTT2 Prologue, and Much More!

by Rip

siliconera has put up two awesome interview’s with Tekken Producer Katsuhiro Harada. The first interview gives some insight into the Devil character in TTT2 prologue, how they develop ideas for the minigames attached to console releases, and a bit about his current ideas for Tekken x Street Fighter. The second interview talks about how they decide on new characters / fight styles as well as leave us with some speculation on when the full Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will hit consoles. Quick summary: (more…)

13th Jun2011

LevelUpYourGame E3 Interview with Harada and Michael Murray

by Rip

Update: Read on for full transcript
At E3 last week I had the opportunity to interview Katsuhiro Harada and Michael Murray about all things Tekken! Steven from TekkenLive.com sat in and got some awesome questions in as well. Tekken for Wii U, Tekken for 3DS, Tekken Tag 1 HD, Tekken:Blood Vengeance, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 USA arcade release and more are all covered. A HUGE thanks to Harada/Michael Murray for the interview and to FilthieRich for getting the community involved with E3 for once. Sorry for the audio quality, the room had big fan noise and a bunch of general E3 noise. I filtered out as much of the noise as possible.

Read on for the full transcript (more…)

29th Apr2011

Harada shows of TTT2 True Ogre IN GAME!

by Rip

Wow, this new test footage from Harada is called “Snake Test” and shows off True Ogre in game and a couple of his moves with his snake arm. REALLY cool stuff.
Check it out here!.