27th Jan2015

Tekken Crash Returns! Tekken 7!

by Rip

Tekken Crash is back with this special edition of Tekken 7 in 30 minutes! Watch as some of Korea’s finest Tekken players battle each other in a 3-on-3 format. The stream is live here and Tekken Crash will be on next!:

17th Jul2013

USA Qualifier – Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Global Championship

by Rip

Details of the USA qualifier for Namco Bandai’s Global Championship for Tekken Tag 2 has been released. The qualifier tournament will be held August 17th-18th at Round 1 Arcade in Puente Hills, California. Entry fee is $20 and venue fee is $5. The event will be spread across the two days with pools on the first day being 2/3 matches and top 16 on the second day being 3/5 matches. The winner of the tournament will be flown to Korea to compete in a 16 man tournament with qualifiers from around the world. Full details and prizes info after the jump

14th Jan2013

JDCR Interview with Qudans

by Rip

JDCR’s series of interviews with top Korean players continues as he interviews one of the best koreans during Tekken 5.0 and Tekken 5 DR – Qudans. Qudans talks about the multi-year break he took from Tekken, what he’s doing now besides playing Tekken, and also shares his views on competing in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Great read and interview by JDCR. Qudans spent a lot of time in Southern California during Tekken 5 and Tekken 5 DR, so I got to play with him on many occasions. He was actually the first Tekken player from Korea that I ever faced. I hope he makes it out to Evolution this year as he never got to have a good showing there. Check out the full interview here.

JD: I might have heard of you playing on a pad. What did you feel from all your overseas experience.
Q: I went Japan and USA all 6times. I will first talk about game style. In the US, average players only play with simple style like mid and low. They seemed to play 2D games more. Only top players know how to move well. Japan player did as well, but Japan players, they are patient and know how to make a strategy. It was a long ago, I have no idea about these days. About tournament, American tournaments consisted of players from all over the world. Literally, it seemed to be a real world tournament. Japan tournaments were also kind of world tournament, but it was more like Japan vs Korea. however, 60 Japanese Players, Korea…one player(laugh). and both countries were very friendly to me. Korean players sometimes are all alone at foreign tournaments, But many players are interested in us and say hello to us first. I really appreciate it and feel sorry because I didn’t give them anything!

JD: Among Korean players, who have potential – Oni Oyabun [Mauritius]
Q: In my tekken life over 10years, I have been seeing Ji3moonace play for 8 years. Whenever I see him, I think he has a lot of potential. He has been making me think that for 8 years(laugh).

21st Jun2012

Tekken Busters – Season 1 Episode 7 & Boss Fight

by Rip

Latest episode of Tekken Busters for your viewing pleasure PLUS the Boss Fight! Thanks as always to S8M9E2JX for the upload. Read on to see the “Boss Fight” video


14th Jun2012

Tekken Busters – Season 1 Episode 6

by Rip

S8M9E2JX is back with another upload of the latest episode of Tekken Busters. This time around he’s put it into 1 long video instead of multiple parts. Check it out below:

09th Jan2012

Korean Tekken Tag 2 Matches Round Up – 1/9/2011

by Rip

More Tekken Tag 2 matches have been coming out of Korea recently featuring top players such as Nin, Ji3moonAce, Hao, Narak Hof, Holeman, No Name and more. I cant believe Narak Hof is still using Bryan/Hwoarang! Go back to Marduk! Many more vids after the jump
(Nageumsung)Kazuya/Deviljin vs (HoleMan)Kazuya/Lars