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Tekken Busters – Season 1 Episode 7 & Boss Fight

Latest episode of Tekken Busters for your viewing pleasure PLUS the Boss Fight! Thanks as always to S8M9E2JX for the upload. Read on to see the “Boss Fight” video




4 responses to “Tekken Busters – Season 1 Episode 7 & Boss Fight”

  1. Damajer

    Mind telling those who dont want to watch the whole episode where the boss fight starts?

    1.  @Damajer Sure, its in the video below the main whole episode. I guess I’ll update the post so people know to click the Read More for the Boss Fight video!

      1. Damajer

        I expected the TTT2 boss or something like that, what I saw in the lower video was just another set from tekken busters. I dont speak korean and I dont know what kind of ladder system they use in Tekken Busters or what else is going on there,
        so again, my expactations after reading the title and description didnt match with what I saw, so I thought I was watching the wrong thing.
        No need to mock with sarcasm, as I think alot of people out here dont perceive this lower match as quite “the Boss Fight”, but more of another match of tekken busters like every other.

      2.  @Damajer It wasn’t sarcasm actually, only the first video is on the main page and if you click to comment you could skip right past it so I assumed you didn’t even see it on the page. I did update the post as I said I would as well. I realize its not like an Azazel special or something but I called it “the Boss Fight” because thats what the title of it is in the Youtube video. Sorry for the confusion