19th Jun2013

Morning Bread & Butter – TTT2 – Lili Tutorial – with Kane!

by Rip

Finally! I got Kane on the show to cover Lili for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (and we also throw in some Tekken Revolution tidbits in when necessary). This is a pretty long episode, so sorry for that, but at the end of it Kane does go over some cool okizeme options that even veteran TTT2 Lili players will probably want to take a look at. Be sure to follow our twitch channel to catch future tutorials live and follow Kane on twitch/twitter as well! BTW, MYK will be back for the next tutorial!

11th Sep2012

Tekken Tag 2 – Sexy Girl Combos by Kane

by Rip

Oh me oh my.. Kane has been very very busy making some Sexy Girl Combos for Tekken Tag 2! Check out this awesome combo compilation featuring his favorite girly characters in their bikinis and skirts.

29th Aug2012

Lili Skirt Customization – Tekken Tag 2 DLC Preview

by Rip

Namco’s official youtube channel has put up a preview video showcasing Lili’s new DLC skirt (at least I THINK its pre-order DLC? Part of the bikini bundle possibly?). The skirt item has some impressive cloth physics – basically, it moves around real pretty.

23rd Dec2011

Street Fighter x Tekken – Introducing Asuka Kazama (and Lili)

by Rip

Its been awhile since we’ve seen a Street Fighter x Tekken reveal, but Capcom is back with another CGI trailer. This time around they introduce Asuka – and Lili’s there as well. Chun Li / Cammy vs Lili / Asuka – Capcom knows how to slowly tease their fan base. Now reveal Law / Paul!!! I want to Pandora deathfist somebody! Gameplay after the jump – Looks like her cross art might start from a counter


02nd Nov2011

More Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Combos From DeepTheater

by Rip

DeepTheater is back with more awesome Tekken Tag Tournament 2 combos. This time around he uses Hwoarang’s unblockable as a filler. Interesting thing is that it hits in the middle of Nina doing the ender already. Plus with the wall the combo does like 75-80% so thats pretty good too


18th Oct2011

DeepTheater Is Back With More Tekken Tag 2 Combo Madness

by Rip

DeepTheater is back showing off some interesting sandwich combo scenarios. I’m not really sure what he means by “the direction to fly over depends on which character you can operate” but things look pretty crazy anyway. Raven really needs to be patched..

30th Sep2011

Tekken 6 – Just Frame Natural Combos

by Rip

CONTEST CLOSED! Winner will be notified by email! Aside from the typical just frame moves in the game, there are apparently other just frame combos. Kane has just posted a video showing Lili connecting her b+2,1 into backturned 1,2. From his testing it seems that it only works on a limited amount of characters. More interesting to me is that its done by delaying the second hit of b+2,1. The strange part of course is that it doesn’t seem to change the frame data or else it would work on a lot more characters right? He also linked me to a Baek example that shows many strings that are guaranteed when delayed correctly.

So why does this work? Best explanation/response in the comments gets a high five and a free LUYG iPhone app (contest ends October 5th. Approximate grand prize value $0.99!!!):