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Street Fighter x Tekken – Introducing Asuka Kazama (and Lili)

Its been awhile since we’ve seen a Street Fighter x Tekken reveal, but Capcom is back with another CGI trailer. This time around they introduce Asuka – and Lili’s there as well. Chun Li / Cammy vs Lili / Asuka – Capcom knows how to slowly tease their fan base. Now reveal Law / Paul!!! I want to Pandora deathfist somebody! Gameplay after the jump – Looks like her cross art might start from a counter






7 responses to “Street Fighter x Tekken – Introducing Asuka Kazama (and Lili)”

  1. Nocturnal Ocelot

    cross art? not familiar with that term.

    1. Rip

      Cross Art are the ultra’s that use both members of your team. They also take off the recoverable health (wish they had it a different color like in TTT) of the character that gets hit by it.

  2. Targie

    Doesn’t appear to start from a counter in the video. Though it may only be for demonstration purposes.
    Ryu doesn’t seem to move at all.

    The super art is looking pretty cool.

    As an Asuka mainer I’m happy to see her make an appearance. Would’ve preferred Jun though.

  3. the trailer seems cool. i’m happy that the pandora mode is gone.

  4. LevelUpYourGame

    Updated with super / cross art video as well

  5. Loukas Liaskos

    This is out pretty soon. Lets see how the gameplay mixes up with Tekken players playing with juggles and more of the “Tekken” gameplay and the Capcom players sticking with more of a classic SF paced game

  6. LevelUpYourGame

    I wish it were like that, but the game is so different that its pretty much its own game – but more like SF than Tekken