08th Oct2012

TTT2 Updated v1.02! Slim Bob, Sebastian, Miharu Released + 4 New Stages and MORE

by Rip

The new 1.02 patch for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is live and has a TON of new features. While we all expected the FREE new TTT2 DLC characters and stages, they have ALSO patched out some of the issues with the initial release (A.Ogre infinite/Kunimitsu ducking mids) plus added more features to the entire game (World Arena and Tekken Theater!) GET ONLINE and DOWNLOAD IT NOW FOR FREE!

New features:
-Sebastian, Slim Bob, Miharu released!
-4 New Stages! Saudi Arabia, Chile, Russia, and Poland!!
-WORLD ARENA inside Online Mode
-Equip/Customize decal in the customize mode
-Tekken Theater added to Gallery Mode – allows you to download openings/endings from Tekken 1,2,3, and TTT1!
-Access to PSN Store from Menu
-PS3 Customization load times decreased!
-Kunimitsu ducking mids patched out
-Ancient Ogre wall infinite patched out