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  • JDCR Interview with Qudans

    JDCR’s series of interviews with top Korean players continues as he interviews one of the best koreans during Tekken 5.0 and Tekken 5 DR – Qudans. Qudans talks about the multi-year break he took from Tekken, what he’s doing now besides playing Tekken, and also shares his views on competing in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. […]

  • Qudans Playing Tekken Tag 2

    Qudans Playing Tekken Tag 2

    More videos of Qudans playing Tekken Tag 2 are coming out of Korea. For those of you who don’t know him, Qudans is a legendary Mishima player from Korea who was dominant during the Tekken 5 series. Rumor was that he had some kind of carpal tunnel injury from his 12 hour a day training […]