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Qudans Playing Tekken Tag 2

More videos of Qudans playing Tekken Tag 2 are coming out of Korea. For those of you who don’t know him, Qudans is a legendary Mishima player from Korea who was dominant during the Tekken 5 series. Rumor was that he had some kind of carpal tunnel injury from his 12 hour a day training sessions, but it appears he’s doing better okay enough to get some games in again! Not a bad win percentage either. More vids after the jump







73 responses to “Qudans Playing Tekken Tag 2”

  1. AlwaysFree

    That was pretty awesome

  2. Islaw

    wow! 0:08 second mark of the first video

  3. chemicalRed

    Nice matches. Thanks for uploading.

  4. I needs this….I want it

  5. 1 2 1 4 tag into DJ uppercut from hell. Man the possibilities. Are these from Unlimited? or the first build. Oh wait nevermind I noticed the Life bars

  6. AAK

    He’s got some catching up to do… Knee probably has the beastiest Mishima play in the world so far:

    Hope he doesn’t injure his hands again though!

  7. Dan

    SICK Upload, thanks

  8. Jojo

    He’s the tekken equivalent to poongko. Or would that be the other way around?

  9. Kenneth

    I’m really diggin’ the background for this match, I’m excited to see how the rest of the atmosphere feels.

  10. Man, those laser tag combos in the last match were amazing. Haven’t played much Tekken lately, but Tag 2 seems like the game to pick up whenever I get back into it.

  11. Christian Weber

    wow that looks awesome!

  12. EL

    OMG that was sexy

  13. EDGE

    12 hours of training damn.

  14. Will

    Glad Qudans doing better, cant imagine if my gaming was messed up by carpal tunnel or any other injury!

  15. Semi_Auto

    I can’t wait for this game…..