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  • Tekken Force Interviews Harada & Ono

    Tekken Force Interviews Harada & Ono

    Recently at the UK Fight Club for Street Fighter x Tekken, Tekken Force got the opportunity to interview Harada and Ono. This is not your typical interview and I really wish that Harada had answered the last question legit! Also, for those of you wondering, our first SFxT FightStick PRO stick giveaway winner will be […]

  • Tekken Force – Season 1 – Grand Finals

    Tekken Force – Season 1 – Grand Finals

    Updated with archives. The grand finals of Tekken Force – Season 1 is archived! Asim, who hasn’t lost a match in the season is in the tournament and is the obvious favorite to win it all. If you haven’t been following Tekken Force, they provide excellent quality streams and commentary all the way from the […]

  • TekkenForce – August 26th Tournament

    Looks like we missed the TekkenForce live stream from London a few hours ago, but the whole tournament is up below. Ryan Hart, Dinosaur, Cristina, Inti, Lion-O, ShadowForce, Imperial and more were in attendance as usual, check it out! Part 2 of the stream after the jump

  • Tekken Force – Round 4

    London’s Tekken scene has finally been getting some exposure thanks to Tekken Force. If you guys haven’t seen this yet, be sure to check out their YouTube channel here. These vids are from their latest event held a few days ago. Great presentation and commentary. For the full playlist of the vids, click here. More […]