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Tekken Force Interviews Harada & Ono

Recently at the UK Fight Club for Street Fighter x Tekken, Tekken Force got the opportunity to interview Harada and Ono. This is not your typical interview and I really wish that Harada had answered the last question legit! Also, for those of you wondering, our first SFxT FightStick PRO stick giveaway winner will be announced later today so stay tuned to the site to see if you won


9 responses to “Tekken Force Interviews Harada & Ono”

  1. Miike

    lmao, ono makes me laugh for some reason.

  2. Reximus

    They look like old drinking buddies lol.

  3. Ricardo

    yo, i would love to see Forrest Law again. This whole video is full of Ono&Harada trolling.

  4. Will

    !! He just broke the first two rules >:O

  5. Jago

    LOL “All Indians can teleport” xD

    1. That is so true

  6. TheOyabun

    One of THE Best interviews..!! 😀

  7. AAK

    The Paternal side of me is ashamed at my lack of teleportation skills 🙁