12th Jan2014

Super Arcade TTT1,TTT2,Tekken Ball Donation Tournaments for Patrick Collins

by Rip

Starting at 7pm PST on January 18, Super Arcade will be hosting their donation tournaments for Patrick Collins. SDTECHIN is also gathering donations with a raffle for awesome prizes at their site here. Find the archive at twitch.tv/iebattlegrounds

25th Jun2013

TTT2 Online Tourney – 1st Tekken Subreddit Tournament – Top 4

by Rip

Earlier tonight the top 4 of the first Tekken subreddit online TTT2 tournament took place. MYK and I did commentary as Reave004 joined us to help run the event. Thanks to everyone for participating and hope you enjoyed watching. There is a small interview with Reave004 in the beginning of the video that talks a little about the subreddit and how he plans to organize future tournaments. Good stuff to everyone who qualified in the top 4. You can see the final Challonge bracket here.

20th Dec2011

SoCal Regionals 2011 – Tekken Tag 2 Results and Videos

by Rip

This past weekend we hosted the Tekken Tag 2 tournament at SoCal Regionals. I had a blast and cant wait for this game to hit USA in full force. We held a 64 man capped tournament and here are the results and the videos. Check out the full bracket here and the top 8 bracket here. First up is the top 4 video. Top 8 Results and much more individual matches after the jump:


16th Dec2011

SoCal Regionals Tomorrow – $1000 Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Tournament – Stream Info

by Rip

Tomorrow is SoCal Regionals and Level Up Your Game will be running the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 tournament! WE GOOOOT YOUUU! Only a portion of the tournament will be streamed and it is scheduled for 12pm-1:45pm PST on the secondary stream. If you’re in the Southern California area, I suggest coming down and checking it out in person as it’s only a $5 spectator fee that will also get you into the tournament. There will also be extra Tekken Tag 2 setups available for casuals all day long. Soul Calibur 5 will also be available to play.

Signups end at 10am and there’s a 64 man cap so get there early! Most, if not all of Socal’s best Tekken players will be in attendance, including: Kane, JustFrameJames, MYK, Aris, Rip, Cynnik, Rickstah, WC Galo and moooooore. WE GOT YOU!

29th Oct2011

Naka-Joy Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Stream – 10/29/2011

by Rip

Naka-Joy is back with another Tekken Tag Tournament 2 tournament! These weekly tournaments are streamed and have some decent players. Definitely worth checking out if you’re interested in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 action.

01st Apr2011

$21,000 Mortal Kombat 9 Tournament – Registration Open

by Rip

PDP, the makers of the new Mortal Kombat fight stick, have opened registration for their kick-off tournament! The two-day tournament will be held at Bally’s Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada on the weekend of May 14th. Registration costs $30, is capped at 2048 participants, and ends May 8th so be sure to sign up soon if you plan on attending as there is no late or ‘at the door’ registration. The tournament will undoubtedly feature some of the best players in the country, however there is one rule that is going to be controversial and insanely important. (more…)