19th Jan2012

SFxT Quick Combos System Revealed + Super/Cross Arts for Law, Paul, Vega, Balrog

by Rip

The official japanese Street Fighter x Tekken website has been updated. Under the system page there is now a section for Quick Combos. Basically you can assign a combo to be executed by LP + HK, however it costs 1 meter of the Cross Gauge to use. It mentions that there is a consequence to using them, however it isn’t clear if that’s the meter usage or if there is something additional. Also, they have revealed the Super and Cross Arts for Law, Paul, Vega, and Balrog. Law has no legend kick or flip kicks in his Super/Cross Art?! Not cool

17th Jan2012

Street Fighter x Tekken – New Character Reveals + Gameplay!

by Rip

As promised, Capcom has revealed a bunch of new characters for Street Fighter x Tekken! I LOVE these CGI trailers. And I also love how people keep getting their faces stepped on! As for the 2 surprises that were promised, it may be the very end of the gameplay trailers (looks like Pacman and Megaman for PS Vita). The game is only and things are looking up. Look forward to more reveals leading up to its release. Screenshots after the jump