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$21,000 Mortal Kombat 9 Tournament – Registration Open

PDP, the makers of the new Mortal Kombat fight stick, have opened registration for their kick-off tournament! The two-day tournament will be held at Bally’s Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada on the weekend of May 14th. Registration costs $30, is capped at 2048 participants, and ends May 8th so be sure to sign up soon if you plan on attending as there is no late or ‘at the door’ registration. The tournament will undoubtedly feature some of the best players in the country, however there is one rule that is going to be controversial and insanely important.

All entrants MUST use the PDP Mortal Kombat fight stick.

PDP will be supplying all the controllers for the event and no other controllers are allowed. Now, this is of course controversial because even in America, most fighting game players use japanese style joysticks or pads while the PDP stick is an american style joystick. The sticks are very different as is the button layout, so to prepare for this tournament, one is going to WANT to have a PDP stick to practice on. Since its PDP who is throwing the tournament though, this is obviously just their way to get a little kickback from all the cash they are giving away, so while it does suck, I can understand why they are requiring it. Overall though, I read through the rules and it seems like they’ve probably consulted with someone inside the community to make sure the ruleset is standard and that the tournament runs as expected. Outlook, promising. I’ll try and make it out there. Full payout is as follows:

1st: $10,000
2nd: $4,500
3rd: $2,500
4th: $1,500
5th-6th: $750
7th-8th: $500






4 responses to “$21,000 Mortal Kombat 9 Tournament – Registration Open”

  1. Wing

    so not even a madcatz kombat panel on your stick is allowed?

    1. Rip

      Yup, not allowed. The ONLY controller allowed is the PDP Mortal Kombat stick.

    2. AAK

      Yup, it clearly says the sticks that they provide for you.

  2. Ljova