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ReveLAtions Tekken Tournament – Live Stream

Update: Finals Today are on the levelup-series stream. Tekken Top 4 at 11am PST (I would assume everything runs behind schedule.
Watch live video from Level|Up Live on www.twitchtv.com
Full schedule (all times PST):
Arcana Hearts 10am-10:45am
Tekken 6 11am-11:45am
BlazBlue CS2 1:15pm-2pm
Mortal Kombat 9 2:15pm-3pm
Marvel vs Capcom 3 4pm-5pm
SSF4 5:30pm-Close

Top Tekken players from the west coast do battle today! Aris, Rip, Kane, Bronson Tran, Jackie Tran, Tomhilfiger, 725, Qdogg, Suiken, ChetChetty, JustFrameJames, Renikon, Stringbean and many more! Watch live video from offcast on www.twitchtv.com







4 responses to “ReveLAtions Tekken Tournament – Live Stream”

  1. chemicalRed

    Do you know when the Tekken matches will start?

  2. AAK

    I thought Bloodhawk was gonna make it here. OH well, that was an awesome match between you and Stringbee. Hope to see some more good stuff tomorrow!

  3. mako

    will the videos from the tekken finals be out up on here or youtube guys?

    1. Rip

      Last I checked, the recorded finals only started at Mortal Kombat. I’ll look into it though.