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Bogus Journeys – Episode 4 – The Sauce of Evil!

Its time for some MOKUJIN REDEMPTION! Last episode we got our Mokujin owned up pretty good, so we were admittedly a little defeated. But we didn’t just pack our things and go home, we attempt to scratch and claw our way to victory at all costs! Firstly though, I’m going to apologize in advance for this episode. I hope its as painful to watch the first 5 minutes as it was for me to play it. Things start off a bit slow but ramp up to utter BOGUSness. Make sure you tune in to see who gets kicked off the show!

This is the last episode from our first filming session so suggestions you’ve given will show up in the next episode, and suggestions given now will show up in the episode after that! So, comments, go.






11 responses to “Bogus Journeys – Episode 4 – The Sauce of Evil!”

  1. ketlord

    Hmmm.. nice episode
    I think its a good thing that you guys have played and uploaded online gameplay. it really sucks even if you have T1. May be namco should do something about it seriously although its really hard.
    there are many issues in this gameplay. when you go in high ranks, there is a alot you will find out. speically, many people start cursing you when u win.
    Anyway, keep it up guys

    cheers !!!

  2. FanAttic

    Here’s suggestion, each of you pick one character and try to get it to high rank by playing only 3+ bar matches. The system should match you against other people with high rank so it would be interesting to see how you do against them. Is there skill in high ranks or just “online tactics”

  3. Jj

    Lol myk

  4. Rip

    Yea, Ill try and put some time into leveling up the characters we use. At least into the dans…

  5. ketlord


    Idea is not bad but i know it will take much to reach there

  6. Derek

    Rip. I want to fight u. Ur Law vs my Leo.

  7. kimbauerpower

    I’d just suggest you level up and play against people with winning records. Atleast you get to see online strats. Its clear the Kaz player from the beginning barely knows how to play.

    1. kimbauerpower

      Yet the Devil Jin fight was like fighting Shao Kahn back in Mortal Kombat 2. He has the homefield advantage AND all the cheap strats, and you can only beat him by being equally as cheap.

      1. You don’t need to be equally cheap. You just need to be ready for opponents throwing cheap unsafe stuff at you that you rarely saw because you just expect to be attacked with top 10 moves.
        It is the same as 10 hits. Those strings are useless if you know where you can duck, lowparry or sidestep, but you’ll have a hard time if you don’t. And novice players will do that stupid stuff against you because they have success with it against other novice players.
        You just need to be ready for stupid stuff against beginners.

      2. kimbauerpower

        ok, I really just wanted to talk about Shao Kahn from MK2. “You weak, pathetic fool.”

  8. Xthemarsvolta

    Myk is not a lei player.. Toobad. Lei is awesome. He’s the only character I know how to use.